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I AIN'T EVER HAD TOO MUCH FUN. Daryle Singletary

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We currently have several hundred music videos, thousands of DJ tracks and tens of thousands of karaoke tracks.  These numbers increase almost daily with our only limitation being harddrive space.
(scroll to the bottom of this page to download songbooks and request slips) 
Special Requests
We always aim to please and with all the websites we can access to purchase downloads of music and karaoke files, no request will go unheeded.  Our feeling is that if we don't have something you want to sing or hear, we will make every effort to have it before you see us again.  Please post requests of any kind on our Facebook page, email us or write it on something and give it to us at any of our shows.
Music Videos
This is the newest and fastest growing segment of our entertainment options.  During intermissions, videos can add a lot to the total experience.  Because of their size and relatively small exposure to the "at home" market other than through MTV, VH1, etc, locating special requests of high quality videos is currently almost impossible.  But, since a deal is a deal, if you have been dying to see a video for some reason, we will try to find it for you.
DJ Tracks
With the success of sites such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and the like, almost any song ever recorded is usually available to download.  Whether you need a couple of hours of dinner music for a reception, a theme song for an awards presentation or just need to hear a song that will take you back to a place in time, let us know and we should be able to accomodate you.  If there is wi-fi access at the venue we are appearing at, we can probably find it for you right on the spot.
Karaoke Files
This is the core of our business and we take great pride in providing you with the most complete and diverse library of karaoke songs in the area.  We strive to always find the newest releases when available along with filling in the odd classic tunes that we somehow overlooked.  Not every artist allows their songs to be produced by a karaoke company, but if one has been produced we will go to extreme lengths to make it available to you.  Please download our newest catalog and see for yourself.  If you discover we don't have a song you would like to try, please let us know via email from the Contact Us tab and we'll find it for you if we can.
Catalogs, Request Slips, etc.
The following catalogs are the most up to date we have available and are always going to be more current than the catalogs we will have on site and what we have on site will always be more extensive than any catalog anywhere ... so, if you've sung it before elsewhere or it's been on the charts for at least a few weeks, ask us!  We probably have it!
To view the songlist(s) or request slip, just left click your mouse and wait for the file to load, or to download the karaoke catalog(s) simply right click on the link below and choose "save target as" and place it in a location on your computer you can easily find.  We suggest placing it on your desktop or in your documents folder.  Once there, you can search it any time you want whether you are on line or not.  We do not suggest you try to print it out as it is approaching 300 pages.  Feel free, however, to print out the 1 page request slip file as often as you need.  You can fill out all the request slips you want to ahead of time and enjoy your whole night out without having to keep your nose in a songbook all night.  With our new software, once you have sung something for us, it will always be ready for you do again.  Just remind us who you are and you'll be set for the night.
Specialty Catalogs